Maintenance and Cleaning of Conservatories and Orangeries

New conservatory and orangery structures

- Maintenance and cleaning of your NEW build conservatories and orangeries
In addition to the normal building guarantees there is the ongoing need for maintenance and cleaning of your conservatory
We offer access to a per occasion  conservatory / orangery cleaning / repair service or an annual conservatory/orangery valet service package that ensures not only cleanliness of glass, frames and gutters but also service to the locks and hinges and any adjustments that are needed. We won’t just leave you to it after the build!

Existing conservatory and orangery structures

- Maintenance and repairs of all other conservatories and orangeries
You don't have to live with niggling problems with your conservatory or orangery
We can help with conservatory repair problems. Issues such as fixing leaking conservatory roofs, gutters, window frames and door frames, repairing broken window hinges and locks, repairing broken windows, window seals and roofs and replacing finials. Generally caring for your investment.

- Cleaning  of all other conservatories and orangeries
We can help you with the cleaning of your conservatory / orangery. Cleaning the windows and roofs and generally restore your conservatory / orangery to revive it to look its best again.

- Conservatory and orangery valet service
We can help you enjoy a conservatory  / orangery valet service that aims to restore the look and performance of your investment to the way it looked and performed on the day it was installed. A valet involves thoroughly cleaning and drying all internal and external glass (including the roof, whether glass or polycarbonate). All external glass is then polished and treated with anti smear cleaners.  The external framework and guttering is then cleaned, dried and polished using a unique specialist product.  All window casements and openers are cleaned, including the runners and seals and new sealants are applied as standard if necessary. An internal valet and polish completes the service.  This service can be on a per occasion basis or regular basis a
. s and openers are cleaned, including the runners
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Conservatory repairs
Cleaning a conservatory roof. BEFORE and AFTER