Conservatory / orangery drawing / design services

Each conservatory / orangery design project is unique – reflecting the customer’s personal wishes in the design.  
Often, from an architect's drawing ... or even your own sketches, one cannot visualise how the conservatory/orangery or bespoke solution will blend into the existing structure and landscaping.

We offer a personalised service producing hand drawn sketches to bring the project to life and shows how it will blend in with your existing property and surroundings. 

By working on the drawing with the client we can help you design the right solution for your propoerty and landscaping.

Where We Operate
In parts of West Sussex, East Hants area we usually try to conduct on-site visits.

For other areas we use photos, google earth and phone discussions.
Then using our over 30 years experience in this field we can create a personalised perspective sketch showing how the project will look and how it will blend into the 'look & feel' of the property and the surrounding landscaping.  From this any further adjustments can be planned.

The service costs about £500 to £800 ... money well spent.  This money can be recovered if you then go on to choose one of our trusted
 local specialist builders to complete the job.  We are totally independent of any supplier and can thus guide you to the best trusted local supplier to meet your particular requirements.  The service often includes a site survey, discussions, initial designs and specification for a builder.
If you wish to use one of our associate companies to quote for the building of the project we can help with product research with showroom and installation visits. 

More about our unique drawing service

We will ensure the right questions are raised to avoid the pitfalls and help you gain value for money with no regrets.  Beware!! You can waste hundreds of pounds by not getting your project right first time.  During the discusions that lead up to producing the hand drawn sketch many isues could be covered including :-
-  Does the layout suit your requirements?
-  Are you making maximum use of the view of the garden, sky etc?
-  Does the suggestion blend in and match/compliment the design of the rest of the property?
-  Does it interrupt the view from existing windows?
-  Does the landscaping around the project 'work' with existing landscaping?
-  Are you on budget?
-  Does the solution meet your predicted space requirements?
-  What structural materials do you prefer (Aluminium / Wood / uPVC)?
-  Have tou considered climate control?
-  Have you considered the various glazing options?
-  Have you addressed any relevant building regulations and/or planning requirements?
-  Are you aware of the current Health and Safety Regulations (April 2015) ... yes they apply to you!
-  Will there be any maintenance issues?
-  Have any guarantees been explained?
-  Are there any hidden costs?
-  Colours (will the glare of a white conservatory in full sunlight bother you?)
-  How is the conservatory site surround left after building new conservatory?
-  What provision is there for managing the rain water off the conservatory?
-  What is the space to be used for? (Is shaded area need for TV / dining /IT etc)
-  How will it integrate with the 'flow' of the rest of the house?
-  What furnishings are invisaged?
-  What is the best flooring solution?
-  How is the 'extension' best orientated and designed to appreciate any nice outside views?
- What landscaping requirements are best?
-  Are there hidden build costs?

This service is proving to very popular as it draws on our
 wide independent experience and skill in presenting understandable drawings and saving time by not having to trawl through umpteen companies all of whom have their own focused agenda and product range.

Typical examples of our conservatory / orangery design service
Bracklesham Bay (see images) - A customer needed to unpick the previous additions to the front of this desirable property which backs onto the beach. The property is used for holiday lets and needs plenty of room for up to 9 to10 people coming and going with their luggage and possibly wheelchairs.  The brief was to release the front door to give an appropriately stylish entrance and to modernise the front room which had been too cold in the winter and was very dated.

Using our design service involving close and detailed consultation with the customer we created an easy to relate to hand drawn drawing which the customer was releived to see accurately met the customers requirements and expectations.

- Henfield Project (see images).  The old white conservatory was too small and not habitable all year round (too hot and too cold as usual!)

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Wrotham project before conversion suggestion
Wrotham project. Hand drawn sketch of suggested conversion
Another example of one of our hand drawn sketches
Project A - Before conversion
Project A - Agreed final solution
Cross Hatch drawing
Another personalised drawing
Personalised drawings to bring to life architect's plans and show how the structure will blend into existing buildings and landscapes