Design Services

There is more to buying a conservatory or any other type of extension than meets the eye. You can waste thousands of pounds by not getting your project right first time.

We will ensure the right questions are raised to avoid the pitfalls and help you gain value for money.

With your project we can help you with such questions as:-

What materials are best for your circumstances?
Does your conservatory requirement need effective climate control and if so how is this achieved?
What are your real space requirements?

Are there hidden build costs?
Are there hidden running costs?
What recommendation schemes are there?
What alternative finance methods are there?

What glazing option is best suited to your requirements?

How long should the conservatory / orangery / extension last?
What, if any, maintenance issues are there?
What do the guarantees really mean?

What building regulations apply, if any?
What planning requirements are there, if any?

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