Conservatories, Orangeries, Verandas, Extensions

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CONSERVATORIES - Many of the older homes were built with no concern for enjoying the garden from the house. The advent of conservatories in the popular sense now provides a virtual living room that feels almost to be in the garden which transforms the internal living space of the house to give so much pleasure and versatility
Designs and materials - There are of course classic designs like Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian conservatories for small, medium and large conservatories, the trick is to ensure the design partners the house as seamlessly as possible and produces the effect that is desired. In many cases a bespoke conservatory is the answer, where one is deisigned to your specific shape and size

ORANGERIES - Orangeries are very popular for larger structures that need light but not too much glass and can be used more as an extension than a conservatory. They are a wonderful way of having an extension that looks very elegant and is a real feature on the property. We have no standard designs so each is individually tailored to maximise the effect and value on the property

VERANDAS -  A great alternative to the conservatory is the verandah that involves no solid walls and lots of glass and awnings etc. The veranda offers a protective pocket on your terrace or other outside area where you can be protected from hot or cold weather. Space can be controlled by using large inline sliders or bi-folding doors. When equipped with additional options, such as heating and light you get year-round function. The veranda looks stunning, coming with a choice of a number of colours to suit your requirements be they green, grey, white or others.

Externally, the aluminium powder coated half round beam provides structural support and also cleverly acts as an integral gutter!  The glass roof comes in various options and can come with or without interior and exterior awnings of various types and colours. The quality of the verandahs is world renowned and the range of colours available are extensive and prices surprisingly  competitive.

EXTENSIONS -  In many cases an orangery or conservatory is part of a combined addition to the property incorporating brickwork, one or two roof lanterns and a suitable amount of glass walling.  We can provide advice and guidance in designing an extension to meet your specific requirements.

CONSTRUCTION  - Construction material for frames vary between PVCu  (poly vinyl chloride unplastised), aluminium (thermally broken), brick and timber (softwood or hard wood).  Each have their own characteristics which should be considered on each project.    PVCu offering the cheapest option, aluminium offering strength and durability, bricks often blend well with the existing property whilst timber (hardwood) conservatories give a more natural and traditional look but require more maintenance. Glass or non glass roof depending on accepted rain noise level and views through roof
As Sussex Conservatories are not manufactures of the frame profiles or glazing units we are not restricted on what we can offer. We ensure we research the whole supply market place for the most appropriate materials for any one project as each build will have its own unique requirements. These requirements include frame colour, security, ventilation, sun screening, thermal performance, self cleaning, optical features, opening window functions etc.  The market is improving the performance of products each year so it is vital to be in a position to access the best solutions

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS -  All the other decisions around foundations, base, landscaping, walls, plastering, tiling, heating, lighting, electric roof windows and so on will be discussed and decided upon also in the light of current regulations for these services

PLANNING -  We will advise re any relevant planning rules and neighbour consent schemes and can provide application services if required

 IMPORTANT - The success of the end result is very much in the detail of design, of looks, performance and of gratification of use.  We do not underestimate the time needed to get it right and are very happy to spend that time to ensure your satisfaction

With most suppliers any completed project is fully guaranteed for 10 years ... even so the unit will require cleaning and servicing.  We offer access to an annual service package that ensures not only cleanliness of glass inside and out but also service to the locks and hinges and any adjustments that are needed

You won't be left 'high and dry' after the build!

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Aluminium gable front conservatory
Inside an orangery
Matching gables on a new orangery
Design for creation
Garden landscape around the conservatory