Service, maintain and repair your Conservatories / Orangery

Conservatories / Orangeries need to be maintained properly on a regular basis in order to maintain their charm and appeal. An annual service package ensures a dedicated service schedule for repairs and maintenance of your conservatory / orangery. You do not need to worry about scheduling appointments as this task is usually taken care of by the company. The service providers carry a thorough check for minor issues which are promptly rectified. This is very important since many a time the small issues can turn into major ones. 
Annual maintenance contracts turn out to be a cost saving option in the long run. Also in case of some emergency requirements, contract holders get priority services. Periodic maintenance ensures longevity of your rangery / conservatory since the probability of minor faults turning into major issues is eliminated. 
At Sussex Conservatories we offer access to an annual conservatory/orangery valet service package that ensures cleanliness and maintenance.
This package usually includes services such as
·         Glass, Frames and Gutter cleaning
·         Repairs of locks and hinges
·         Fixing of leaking conservatory roofs
·         Broken window hinges and lock repairs
·         Window seals and roof repair
·         Replacement of finials etc.
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