See your dream plans for a Conservatory or Orangery as a drawing first

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 
In the case of a structure like a Conservatory or an Orangery a drawing of what it would look like and how it fits in with its surroundings is worth more than that.  Nothing can help you visualise the final outcome better than a lifestyle drawing in front of your eyes.  Such a drawing will ensure that both yours and the designer’s vision is on the same page.
Since a conservatory or an orangery is a major change to the look of your home, seeing how it looks and fits in is always better. This also helps prevent costly changes to the structure and surroundings later. Modifying a drawing is inexpensive and can be done quickly. So if you are planning for this kind of extension to your home, a personal, unbiased and experienced advisory service such as our design service is exactly what you need.
You can use our design service either duriing a build programme managed by Sussex Conservatories or during a build service provided by others.
We can help with your project in almost any way you need and can advise on the various options available to you. We usually create a lifestyle drawing for you that encompasses the surrounding existing building and garden.
?Make use of our experience and expertise to find the best solution for your requirements.

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