Conservatory / orangery kitchen extension

A conservatory or orangery is a very charming inclusion in the home decor. It gives you added space in the home that can be converted into virtually any room as required.

Having a conservatory / orangery kitchen extension is a fine idea. Leaving the cooking etc area under brick and extending to accommodate a seating area gives you a spacious kitchen that is bright and airy and large enough to fit most families and the person doing the cooking etc does not feel left out.

The conservatory or orangery can provide an eat-in kitchen space and you can have dining with a view!

With a kitchen conservatory / orangery  extension you can experiment with designs as  the conservatory /  orangery can be bespoke to meet your exact requirements.

If you are looking at expanding your space, be it the kitch area or any other area of the house contact us

We can discuss your project and we can come up with a rough design to give you a better idea.

Visit us for more details about conservatories / orangeries.