Best Conservatory Doors and Conservatories Advice by us in Billingshurst

There are quite a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to selecting your conservatory. One important element is the choice of doors which vary depending on the styles, materials used etc. Fitting in the wrong type of door for your conservatory will simply be a pain in the long run. There are factors such as space available for the door to open inward or outward without any hindrance, the type of door that will best suite the look of your conservatory, materials (timber, aluminium or uPVC) to be used depending on the weather where you stay or what matches your conservatory.
Following are the different types of conservatory doors available:
French Doors: These make an excellent addition to any conservatory. These make the perfect choice for openings that wide for single doors but narrow for sliding patio doors and have the advantage of opening inwards and outwards.
Patio Doors: Sliding patio doors offer good accessibility to the garden. These offer a wonderful view of the outdoors even when the doors are closed. The size is flexible as you can alter the number of panels as required and they do not even take up space on either sides.
Bi-Fold Doors: These look elegant even with their minimalist designs and offer high functionality with the extra space that they provide with the way they stack to the sides taking up hardly any room. There are multiple locking points along the track which is better from security point of view.
Panelled Doors: These are durable, safe and very easy to install.

Material Options:
Wood: Wood is always popular and includes soft as well as hard woods like pine, cedar, mahogany and oak. The natural finish and unique grain movement make these all the more appealing.
Aluminium: Aluminium is lightweight, yet very strong and durable and has a very modern appearance. It is cost effective too.
UPVC: UPVC provides you with good colour options is energy efficient, requires minimal maintenance and is durable.
Fibreglass: This is a comparatively expensive option but gives you the look and feel of glass while at the same time being durable and good looking.
Basic Features of conservatory door:
  • Double glazed – toughened glass
  • Colour options with UPVC and aluminium although basic colour is white
  • Multi-point locking systems
  • Anti-lift tracks for sliding doors
  • Inside or outside swinging option for French Doors.
  • Building regulation compliant
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