Conservatories, Orangeries, Glass Extensions in Petersfield areea

Conservatories in Petersfield
For your home in Patersfield we can arrange for the design, build and instal a quality conservatory to meet most specific requirments. From consultation through design to build and installtion to completion you will experiance quality workmanship in all cases including any neccessary planniing application through any necessary Health and Safety requirements to project completon of the interior and exterior areas. All aspects can be handled with minimum fuss and expense

Orangery in Petersfield
The same applies for orangeries in Petersfield area
Conservatory styles usually fall into distinct groups and are based on the look from different periods of history. The main ones are Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian Conservatories

There is also the lean-to conservatory, although this style is more likely to be used as an attached greenhouse or garden room, than a fully functional living space

There is a trend towards the erection of orangeries and roof lanterns and also glass extensions with a solid roof like slate or tiles to block some of the sun and maintain a more even environment

Glass extensions are now becoming more popular and prices fall and technology improves. These incorporate wide expanses of glass doors, bifolding doors and other sliding doors to give wonderful views of the outside. Verandas are of similar glass constrution with high quality (and coloured) aluminium frames but are usually used to provide protection on patios and terraces etc. Use of heaters, sun screen awnings and lighting ensures verandas are useful all year round

Design considerations for conservatories, verandas, organgeries and glass extensions include:-

Construction - Aluminium, PVCu (often called plastic or PVC) or timber (hardwood). Each one of these have their relative advantages with PVCu offering the cheapest option, aluminium offering strength and durability, whilst timber (hardwood) conservatories give a more natural and traditional look but require more maintenance. Glass or non glass roof depending on accepted rain noise level and views through roof

Location - In full sun could be too hot. In full shade could be too cold. A downward view could beg for low retaining wall. With an uphill view could beg for a higher roof line (so roof line does not interfere too much with the view)

Architectural sympathy with your property / surroundings - How best to design the conservatory to blend in with the surroundings

Building regulations - How to meet these requirements

Maintenance issues - What after care attention are you prepared to give your conservatory

Your space requirements - Often one regrets not installing a bigger conservatory!

Climate control and use of conservatory - Is the conservatory to be used throughout the year. Will you be growing plants in it? Will you be looking at a computer screen in it?

Designs in the glass - Beautiful designs in stained glass overlay is a modern combination of lead and colour which gives your conservatory the look of stained glass so favoured by the Victorians. Sand-blasting gives a delicate frosted appearance. Bevelled glass demonstrates the stunning technique of cut class. These are all available and to be considered as options

Interior finish - will the white glare of a white conservatory interior in full sunlight bother you?

Security - What security issues are there to be considered? ... both in structure and with suitable access prevention devices such a security locks.

Guarantees - What guarantees do you get?

Quality of windows and doors - Check these out as there is nothing worse a lovely conservatory ruined by poor quailty windows / doorsl

Quality of installation team - How is the conservatory site surround left after building new conservatory? What provision is there for managing the rain water off the conservatory?

Conservatories for Petersfield
Inside a lovely orangery
Bespoke drawing of your proposed structure
We help with architects plans
Ww even help with landscaping to complete the instalation