uPVC Conservatory FAQs

We often get quite a few questions about uPVC as a material choice for building a conservatory. Here are a few of the most common qusetions. If you are planning to have a conservatory for your home, do get in touch with us for specific details.

Q - What is the life expectancy of a uPVC conservatory?
A - The average life expectancy used to be about ten years for a uPVC conservatory. But with the constant technological advancements, experienced installers, modern installation methods and proper maintenance etc, you can expect a uPVC conservatory to last you around 25 years or more.

Q - Do you have a choice of colours?
A - Yes, uPVC is available in an array of colours and natural wood finishes. There are almost 20 colours available. Sculptured frames made out of high-quality raw materials, will make sure that your conservatory maintains the appearance without discolouring.

Q - Are these economical?
A - uPVC conservatories are cheaper as compared to their wooden or aluminium counterparts. These are also easy to maintain.

Q - Are the structures heavy?
A - uPVC conservatories as compared to aluminium and timber, are quite lightweight. However, there is no compromise as such on stability as the uPVC profiles are multi-chambered that aids both stability and insulation.

Q - What are the roofing options?
A - There is no restrictions on roofing options. You have three options with uPVC conservatories:
·         Poly-carbonate makes a cost-effective option
·         Full glass conservatory roofing. This makes a classic roof option while giving an extra illusion of height
·         Tiled conservatory roofing has also become a trend for upgrading the old roof conservatories
Q - What about planning permissions?
A - These are similar to normal permissions required for conservatories. Generally, conservatories are exempt from permissions unless they go beyond certain specified limits.