Types of Conservatory / Orangery Ventilation, Heating and Cooling Systems

Types of Conservatory / Orangery Ventilation, Heating and Cooling Systems

Conservatory / orangery ventilation is very important if you want to maintain a comfortable environment.  As heat rises, it is important to have the option to get rid of any excess heat. One of the best ways of doing this is by using opening roof vents.

These can be either:
·         Manual opening and closing Conservatory / Orangery roof vents
·         Electric powered automatically controlled opening and closing Conservatory / Orangery roof vents. Ideally with rain sensor

Additional options include:
·         Double Glazed Windows – Trickle Vents
·         Natural Window Ventilation Systems
·         Single Sided Window Ventilation
·         Single Sided Double Opening Window Ventilation
·         Cross-Ventilation
·         Sound Absorbing Ventilation
·         Eaves Flow Ventilation system

A ceiling fan is also a good option as it can aid conservatory air ciculation. In the summer a fan can provide a down draught that will cool the conservatory and during winter by reversing the direction of the fan it can re-circulate warm air trapped at the top downwards. Extractor fans can be used in the summer as these will throw out the warm air from inside the conservatory.
Using your conservatory / orangery through the winter requires a proper heating system to keep the temperatures comfortable. Here are the conservatory / orangery heating options:
·         Central heating
·         Underfloor heating
·         Electric heating
·         Air conditioning
·         Oil Heaters
·         Fan Heaters for Conservatories

Sometimes low wall-mounted air conditioners make the best choice for cooling a conservatory / orangery. You also have the normal wall-mounted options if your conservatory / orangery has a high-level wall. These are usually the cheaper option. Air conditioners can be used all year round for either heating or cooling the space.