Things to consider when buying a Conservatory

A reasonable alternative to a home extension is a conservatory. Conservatories are the best options if you are facing a space constraint. These are considerably lighter on your pockets too. A conservatory provides you with an additional space in your home which you can enjoy all year round. Although the costs involved are lesser as compared to a full extension, conservatories are still a substantial investment and need to be given a good thought to before choosing your option. There are quite a few things that you need to think about before choosing your option as conservatories these days make an integral part of your home and should complement your home.

The purpose of your conservatory first needs to be considered. If it is going to be used as simply a summer room with it being closed during the winters it is less expensive. If these are going to be used all year round it needs the right kind of insulation to keep it comfortable during the changing temperatures.
Once the purpose is clear, the next step is choosing the design. There are different kinds of conservatory designs available which make use of different materials. Based on your purpose, you can go for the appropriate designs. Following are the different kinds of designs available.
  • Lean To conservatories
  • Edwardian conservatories
  • Victorian conservatories
  • Gable conservatories
  • P Shaped conservatories

The style of the conservatory puts a major impact on the budget. The traditional conservatories for instance are quite cheaper. The modern ones which are bespoke cost significantly more comparatively. The glass conservatories are quite expensive too. Once you know what kind of conservatory you want you should ideally call for quotations from multiple companies.

The basic costs usually involve the basic structure and essentials. The other things such as flooring types, lighting, blinds and shades, electric fittings etc are all additional extras. As mentioned earlier, if the conservatory is going to be used all year round, the budget again goes higher since in order to make it comfortable all year round, efficient heating and cooling systems are a must.

Putting up a conservatory is a disruptive affair especially when you have a good garden. This is an added expense if the garden needs to be overhauled post your conservatory construction. Then there is the question of furniture and decorating the conservatory no matter how minimalist or extravagant! This is again another expense. Frequent maintenance in order to avoid future issues is also something that needs to be kept in mind. These extra costs need to be taken into consideration before making your choice.

Conservatories do not usually require any kind of planning permissions or do not need to comply with any kind of building rules and regulations. But it is always better to be well informed before buying your conservatory in case you fall under some special category with restrictions.