Simple tips to keep your glass veranda clean

Lack of maintenance can make your glass veranda lose its charm and effect due to the build-up of dirt and grime. Here are some simple tips to help keep your verandas clean and inviting:
·         When cleaning a glass veranda avoid the use of harsh cleaning agents. Harsh cleaners such as acids are a strict no no. 
·         Avoid using aggressive tools such as abrasives, scouring pads, steel wool or blades to scrape off the dirt. 
·         Frequently vacuuming from the inside will reduce the dirt built up on the inside. A simple mix of mild soapy water can work wonders on the glass. 
·         We always advise the use of ph-neutral cleaning products with water and a soft cloth. This also ensures that the dirt does not scratch away at the glass. 
·         Moving parts should be cleaned regularly to ensure their good working order such as sliding doors or windows. 
·         For the glass windows, while drying the glass after the cleanup, make sure that you use a clean cloth. You can make use of a tea towel, kitchen roll or old T-shirt or a good old rag.
·         Lightly dipping a newspaper into the cleaning solution and using it on the windows will also give you good results. Wiping in a circular pattern helps remove the smears, wax and dirty spots better.
·         Make sure that you get a periodic professional clean-up done for thorough cleaning of your veranda and keep everything looking as good as new.
At Sussex Conservatories, we can take care of your conservatories, orangeries, and verandas for you to maintain their charm and peak performance. Get in touch with us to schedule your appointment.