Quick Tips for Choosing Conservatory Material

As you plan your conservatory one of the prime considerations is the choice of materials. There are a number of material choices for each and every fixture of your conservatory. The choice of materials largely depends on the choice of your conservatory design. When it comes to the structure, there are different material choices depending on the design, aesthetics and budget.

Design and aesthetics wise, hardwood conservatories make a good choice with the design flexibility and the details that can be added to it. This option is an elegant choice and offers creative flexibility in terms of the look. It can be painted or stained to match existing colours or is available in a beautiful range of natural earthy shades. However, the bespoke timber conservatories can cost the most and require more maintenance.

Aluminum is a sturdy material choice that is low-maintenance and highly durable too. It doesn’t corrode and the choice of coating colours is also wide. These can also be standard or bespoke as per choice. Cost-wise aluminum falls in between uPVC and timber.

The most economical of all the choices is uPVC.  It is durable and low maintenance and is the most common material for new conservatories. With uPVC there is a wide range of styles that could be considered. uPVC is durable and will not corrode or rot. A light wash is all it takes maintenance wise. uPVC might be however prone to discolouration depending on the quality you choose.

So while choosing materials for your conservatory here are a few pointers:


·         Very good variability in terms of design

·         Fine wood framing details give you unlimited design possibilities

·         Curves and moldings can be easily achieved

·         Has an elegant softness and grace about it. Aesthetically appealing

·         It is the most expensive amongst the choices



·         Details that can be achieved are similar to hardwood but not at par

·         Economical as compared to wood

·         Does not corrode

·         Easy to maintain

·         Highly durable


·         Cheapest of all the options

·         Lightweight

·         Easy to maintain

·         Low maintenance

·         Colour options

·         Discolouration possibility

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