Orangery / Conservatory Ventilation, Heating and Cooling Systems

Conservatory / orangery ventilation is very important if you want to maintain a comfortable environment.
As heat rises, it is important to have some form of ceiling ventilation be they:

·         Manual roof vents
·         Electric roof vents
·         Electric roof vents with climate control and rain sensor

'Wall' ventilation options include:
·         Double Glazed Windows – Trickle Vents
·         Natural Window Ventilation Systems
·         Single Sided Window Ventilation
·         Single Sided Double Opening Window Ventilation
·         Cross-Ventilation
·         Sound Absorbing Ventilation
·         Eaves Flow Ventilation system

A ceiling fan is a good option as it can aid conservatory air cicrulation.  In the summer a fan can provide a down draught that will cool the conservatory and during winters by reversing the direction of the fan it can re-circulate warm air trapped at the top downwards. Extractor fans can be used in the summer as these will throw out the warm air inside the conservatory.
Using your conservatory / orangery through the winter requires a proper heating system to keep the temperatures comfortable.  Such options include:
·         Central heating
·         Underfloor heating
·         Electric heating
·         Air conditioning
·         Oil Heaters
·         Fan Heaters for Conservatories

Sometimes low wall-mounted air conditioners make the best choice for cooling a conservatory.  You also have the normal wall-mounted options if your conservatory has a high-level wall. These are usually the cheaper option.  Air conditioners can be used all year round for either heating or cooling the space