How a home benefits from a Conservatory, Orangery or Verandah

An extension, be it a conservatory, orangery or a veranda can often be an aesthetically appealing addition to a home and also add to its value at the same time. While an orangery is more close to a solid extension that will allow you to perfectly add space, a conservatory incorporates more of glass or polycarbonate paneling which can also be used for different purposes. A veranda on the other hand is a sheltered exterior space that will allow you to enjoy your garden no matter what the weather.

Verandas do a lot of good to your home in terms of maintaining the temperature of your home. A veranda can help shade your home during the summer and winters making it stay cooler during summers and a little warmer during the winters. Since a veranda protects your home from direct sunlight, you do not need air-conditioning running round the clock which will help save up on your energy bills.

A well-designed veranda creates shelter from the sun, rain and wind.

These days the design options for a conservatory, orangery or a verandah are innumerable and you have a choice in terms of use of materials, designs and other specs to suit your requirements and the look of your house.