Consevatory and Orangery Designs in Horsham and West Sussex

Planning a conservatory or orangery?
Lack of proper planning and advice could lead to certain pitfalls that can be avoided. Careful planning is very important for you to avoid potential issues with your conservatory or orangery that could turn out to be costly or land up making your conservatory or orangery less than satisfactory for you.
What could possibly go wrong with a conservatory design?

Choosing the right size is very important depending on the intended purpose of your conservatory or orangery. Modern designs allow you to make use of your conservatory or orangery all year round. Hence the size needs to be just right for the space to be comfortable.  

Design Issues
The design does not match that of your home? It just means that the conservatory looks like an after-thought gone wrong rather than looking like a seamless fit. With the number of traditional design options and the freedom to go bespoke, the options are many and need to be chosen wisely.

Substandard Materials
A dealer selling you materials that are not of good quality can lead to a lot of potential headaches in the future such as leaking roofs due to bad quality fittings or faulty vents, bad insulation, faulty doors, etc

Although the planning permissions are quite relaxed for conservatories or orangeries, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be adhered to.

Improper Glazing
Glazing options are many. There are different options available and need to be chosen correctly. i.e Choose the right glass to protect form UV rays if your floor is laible to colour fading

Improper Flooring
Choosing the wrong conservatory flooring can be an issue. It needs to be functional taking into consideration pets in the house, children and the intended purpose. The different kinds of flooring also require a different level of maintenance.

These are some the issues that can be avoided while designing your conservatory or orangery in Horsahm or surroiunding area of West Sussex and beyond. Heeding good advice is essential.

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