Conservatory Consulting Services

Conservatory planning or refurbishment is no easy task and there are a number of details that go into the making of a successful conservatory project. From the concept to the initial sketches to design, building and installation, there is a lot of planning required and a lot that needs to be considered.

At Sussex Conservatories we provide conservatory consulting services to make the task easier for you.

The very first 'meet up' helps us get an idea of what exactly you are looking for and your requirements. After conducting a site survey and understanding your ideas, we can suggest to you the various details necessary to go ahead with the project.

The construction material for instance includes a choice between aluminum, uPVC, or timber (hardwood). Each one of these has its own pros and cons and suitability criteria. Depending on the conservatory type, the material can be chosen. Choice of glass or non-glass roof depends on accepted rain noise level and views through the roof , budget etc.

Location details are important and depending on the exposure to the elements, a lot of detailing comes into play.
Your conservatory needs to complement the look of your home. Architectural sympathy with your property/surroundings ensures that the conservatory adds value to your property and the design needs to be created keeping in mind all these details.
Building regulations and planning permissions can be tricky and we provide all the necessary guidance regarding the same. 

Maintenance is very important and we help you with the maintenance requirements of your conservatory. 

If you are looking at maximizing space, we help you create a conservatory that makes optimum utilization of space while also ensuring that it does not become too imposing.
We ensure that your conservatory is usable all year round and give you the right guidance when it comes to climate control systems.
There is something newer and better coming up every so often when it comes to beautiful designs and we help you choose the best. Be it stained glass, use of sandblasting techniques, or bevelled glass there are several options available for you to consider.
Then there is security to take into consideration, landscaping if required, and many more such details. We help you understand everything that comes into play and ensure that you get a conservatory that is exactly what you might have envisioned.

Get in touch with us for conservatory consultation services to understand the minute details of conservatory installation.