Advantages of a glass roof for conservatories

A glass conservatory roof is considered to be the best choice rather than polycarbonate (plastic) due to a number of reasons. Here are a few reasons can consider:
    •    Certain types of glass also reflect the sun's rays so that it does not become unbearably hot on some days.
    •    A glass conservatory roof is energy efficient. These retain heat and keep you warm during the colder seasons.
    •    Since these are better insulation wise there is some level of decrease in the energy bills too.
    •    Using glass for your conservatory roof makes it less susceptible to scratches.
    •    Conservatories with glass roofs reduce the noise of the rain patter letting you enjoy watching the rain from your conservatory which can be a very enjoyable experience.
    •    The glare of the sunrays is also lesser in case of glass conservatories as compared to the other options.
    •    Maintenance of a glass conservatory is easier as compared to the other conservatories.
    •    As in case of Plastic or polycarbonate roofs which warp over time and possibly leak as well, a glass roof conservatory does not warp and is less likely to leak.

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