Conservatories and Orangeries in Midhurst, West Sussex

Enhance your home with a conservatory or orangery or a bespoke solution
Often they are chosen over extensions as they usually provide so much more light and a ‘closeness' to the outside.

Conservatories in Midhurst

Conservatories  usually  comprise ‘walls' mainly of glass and a roof of see through plastic or of glass. Thus allowing maximum amounts of light to enter, and enabling fine views of outside. This all contributes towards a conservatory being used as an ideal living area used as extensions to kitchen and dining areas, extensions to lounge living areas. Modern materials can ensure that the temperatures in the conservatory area does not rise to too higher levels in times of hot sunshine and that heat is not lost at too a high a level in times of extreme cold. The glass enables clear views of the outside garden or other areas thus enabling the good feeling of being almost virtually outside

Originally the shape of conservatories was limited to standard templates like victorian, P shaped etc but now conservatories can be built in a much greater variety of shapes to suit your particular requirements. They can even be erected on levels higher than the normal ground floor

Orangeries in Midhurst

Orangeries usually comprise an extension with less glass than a conservatory. The roof usually comprise a roof lantern on a more solid structure than totally glass or plastic. The walls comprising more of the solid structure and less glass.  The internal height of an orangery is usually higher than that of a conservatory.  This all contributes towards an orangery providing and wonderful feeling of a spacious living area with hist ceilings, great light levels and a temperature that is lees extreme than in a conservatory

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Conservatory / Orangery installation design service
Use our renowned design service so we can produce lifestyle drawings that reflect your specific individual requirements for your proposed installation. Visualise the end result and modify until satisfied ... then the builder knows exactly what you want


Conservatories for Midhurst in various shapes and materials
An orangery surely 'adds value' to your property
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Conservatory, orangery & extension 3D drawings