Conservatories & Orangeries Design and Sales for Lewes, Sussex

Conservatories and Orangery Design and Sales for the Lewes area of Sussex

Conservatories in Lewes -
At Sussex Conservatories we provide access to a number of highly recommended  designers, suppliers and installers of conservatories and orangeries for clients in the Lewes area of East  and West Sussex

We can help you can choose from a wide range of designs and materials to meet your specific requirements  that include the size and shape of a conservatory as well as the materials used and light performance of the glass etc.

Once we can assess the location, outlook and proposed use of the conseratory we can advise regarding suitable roof lines, most suitable materials, types of roof glass, etc.

Orangeries in Lewes -
Orangeries have become even more popluar than conservatories for those that can afford them.  They usually comprise an impressive glass lantern highly positioned over walls that have less glass than conservatories. This offers a wonderful feeling of space and height and an environmemtn that does not fluctuate too widely according to the outside temparatures.  Hence the orangery is more suited  than a conservatory to everyday living throught the year.  At Sussex Conservatories we can help you achieve your ideal orangery

The extra support we give
The April 2015 Health & Safety regulations means property owners can be liable for safety of workers on their property. This often applies to contstruction projects such as conservatories  and orangeries. Using our personal service means we can help with the design, at our expense (free of charge to you), we adopt the role of principle contractor and ensure compliance. 

All types and shapes of conservatories for Lewes area
Extend the living area of your Lewes property with an orangery
Sketched out proposal of an orangery
The conservatory project is meticulously planned