Maintenance and Repairs

Conservatory/Orangery Maintenance and Repair in the Guildford area

From conservatory/orangery cleaning, through small repairs, leak prevention to roof replacements etc we can help restore your conservatory/orangery in the Guildford area to its former glory.

The first generation conservatoriesand orangeries looked good for a few years and then gradually started to look tired. Once they fail to keep out the elements, then they can cause considerable damage inside the conservatory or even in your home. We provide access to expertise and range of products will help solve all these problems and create a beautiful and long lasting environment for you to enjoy

What might appear to be a simple conservatory repair, will in fact necessitate a replacement roof. Exterior damage often hides the true problems on conservatory roofs and that’s why you should seek our help

Ask us about our conservatory/orangery maintenance programme in Guildford area that ensures your conservatory/orangery remains looking good and a room to be proud of

We also help with maintenance and repairs of most other types of glass extensions be they orangeries, loggias, sun rooms, glass extensions, house extensions  etc

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