Sussex Conservatories for Brighton and Hove - Conservatories and Orangeries

At Sussex Conservatories we provide impartial advice and access to a number of recommended conservatory and orangery suppliers in the Brighton and Hove area of East Sussex and in the local area of South East England

In response to your enquiry an experienced consultant will contact you in Brighton or the surrounding area. If we can help you in the Brighton area and if you so request you will then be visited where your ideas will be discussed and converted to reality as a plan. Whether your plan
is for a conservatory or orangery or any other extension type a plan will be developed

We then quote you for designing and building your exciting  project in Brighton or the surrounding area and this usually includes project management and help with any planning application.  We work with architects and local authority
planning / building regulation departments and on listed buildings and in National Park situations.

Many projects now fall under the Health and Safety 2015 Regulations Act of April 2015 where the property owner is now responsible for Health and Safety of workers on thier  property.  In Sussex, at our expense (free of charge to you), we adopt the role of principle contractor and ensure compliance. In many cases we would work with Caldotec Architectural Design

Conservatories in Brighton … Whatever your conservatory requirements in Brighton we  will try to help.  To ensure your can use your conservatory during hot weather we suggest treated glass to help reduce the glare and heat from the sun.  The conservatory design does not have to be restricted to follow a set design like Victorian, Georgian etc.  We can help you develop and conservatory/orangery solution to suit your exact requirements.  Then we can help you with interior design and landscaping etc.

 Orangeries in Brighton ... Beautiful on the outside as well as inside an orangery comprises of an elegant structure which suits both period and modern homes, and an insulated, cosy interior.  Use it as space to entertain, to relax or simply to enjoy all year round.  Orangeries are available in the a variety of styles and internal finishes and utilising various technologies such as solar control glass, security products etc.  We can help you  develop the best orangery design for your particular requirements

Note: Different Conservatory Glass Options
The right glass for your conservatory or your orangery lantern/s can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining the ideal temperature.  There are several factors that come into play while choosing the glass
Here is a quick look at the different kinds of glass:-
- Solar control glass has a solar control coating that reflects the sun’s heat which helps keep the interior cooler in the summer months
- Self-cleaning glass makes a good option for roofs and windows.  These have a special coating that prevents dirt build-up. One negative aspect of the self-cleaning glass is that it does not come with solar control properties
- The standard toughened glass is the most budget-friendly.  This does not provide any sort of energy efficiency and has no solar control functionality.
- Low emissive glass helps retain the heat generated in the conservatory.  It comes with a metallic oxide coating that reflects heat without preventing light from passing through.  This glass maintains the cool conservatory temperature during warmer summer months and stops heat from escaping during winter
- For those who are looking at maximizing their savings, energy-efficient glass makes the perfect solution.  The eco-friendly design reduces the amount of energy that escapes through the conservatory

While choosing your conservatory glass U values are an important measure to consider. This gives you the rate of heat lost through different types of glass.  Low U values mean less heat loss from the conservatory which will help reduce heating bills and make you energy efficient


White wooden framed lean to conservatory
Each conservatory project is carefully planned
Sketched out proposal of an orangery
Orangery with a look that is carefully blended with the house