Conservatories, Verandas, Orangeries, Glass Extensions in Billingshurst area

Let us create a wonderful conservatory or orangery for you and your property in the Billingshurst area of West Sussex ... or anythwere else locally


A conservatory is a cost effective way to add edditional living space to a property. A space that is blessed with light and a wonderful area from which to view the outside and an enjoyable way to add light and space to your home. As conservatories can be installed with the minimum of fuss most such domestic structures are exempt from Building Regulations and Planning permissions

We can help you in the Billingshurst area design a conservatory that accurately meets your requirements and fits in with your lifestyle. For instance, if you are planning a conservatory with two distinctly separate dining and relaxation areas then a P-shape conservatory may be the style for you. The choice of a conservatory design is usually based around a number of basic designs as listed as follows:-
Orangery conservatory, Victorian conservatory, Georgian conservatory, Lean to / Mediterranean conservatory, P-shape conservatory, T-shape conservatory, Lantern conservatory, Gable conservatory, Solid Roof Conservatories, Large span/portal conservatory. Having said this we do actually design your conservatory to meet your own specific requirements and not have to stick to predetermined conservatory designs.



Orangeries are a variation of traditional conservatories.  The orangery is a traditional, atrium-style conservatory. It walls are usually solid so there is less variation of temparature which means it is more suitable for everyday living. With an orangery, your adjoining rooms flood with light and there is a feeling of grandeur that comes from the interior height of the orangery.  An orangery falls between conservatory and traditional extension styles. With their brick pillars, orangeries offer more privacy than conservatory styles and the interior height provides a breathtaking focal point through which light floods in to your home. Your orangery can often offer a seamless link between your home and garden.


A popular alternative to the conservatory is the verandah that involves no brickwork and high quality aluminium frames holding glass walls and ceilings, often with bifolding doors, internal and / or external awnings, heaters and lighting and much more. The veranda is often used to provide a protected environment on a terrace or patio.


Glass extension

To allow maximum amount of light into the property and enable maximum views from inside to out the extension has maximum glass and minimum frame. Modern technologies have enabled the existance of current glass extensions and they are extremely popular and practical

There is lots more we can do for you and your project in Billingshurst.
Help such as:-
-  How best to design the conservatory, orangery or glass extenson to blend in with the surroundings
-  Planning and Building regulations
-  Climate control
-  Interior finish
-  Security
-  Foundation and basework
-  Landscaping outside the structure

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Scetch of proposed conservatory
Wood framed conservatory
Handsome lean to conservatory
Orangery installation in Bilingshurst
Blinds on a conservatory ceiling